Suggestion Responses

May 2022

Thank you for your suggestion, and please keep sending them in. We review every suggestion and assign an Executive Staff member to find a resolution.

You can send suggestions anonymously, if you choose, through


IT department to provide higher quality laptops to staff. IT to be open and available to assist with computer difficulties.


We have recently added a new staff-member to help with any IT issues. Additionally, our Help Desk is active and a great way to resolve issues.  The Help Desk allows us to monitor support needs, and track customer service levels. Regarding laptops, we have a total of 87 laptops for the organization.  We purchased 40 to upgrade to a higher quality laptop.  The feedback from those who have upgraded is very positive.  We also purchased a 3-year warranty to help with support.

Suggestion (2 regarding STARRBUCKS):

I think we should update the STARRBuck process as supervisors in many divisions work remotely or in different locations from their staff which makes paper STARRBucks difficult to give. Could we add a section to the ADP home page to both give them virtually and display it publicly? Or at least create a PDF (or similar format) that can be emailed and only requires a virtual signature?

This will be the last time I mention this. I have said this three times. I will not be giving out Starr bucks to my team as long as I don’t receive them. You are pushing them for team members, what is the last time a district manager or higher have bothered to write one out. We could have remarkable sales in e-comm, in the store or have a customer make a positive remark on an email or card. As store managers we clearly hear if something is wrong. I give 110% every day and have received one STARRBucks in a year.


We understand the importance of Recognition for work done above and beyond. We also are developing a STARRBUCK that can be accessed and sent electronically by all managers. This is an important initiative for the organization, and we encourage all managers, directors and executive staff to recognize the extraordinary efforts of our staff.


To be able to wear sneakers during the week, especially since we are out into the community, going into and out of businesses, and client’s homes.   Thank You


WFD Staff are permitted to wear tennis shoes on client home visits. However, it is expected that staff follow the company dress code when engaging in partner meetings and employer partner visits. For further guidance, please feel free to contact your supervisor or submit your questions to the suggestion email.