Donation Options

Other Donation Options

Donate Stock:

By donating stock directly to Goodwill, you can skip the capital gains tax and potentially take a deduction for the entire donation amount. Giving stock has never been easier with this secure stock donation tool.

If you prefer to make your transfer through a financial advisor, you can also access our transfer information here.

Donate From Your IRA:

If you are over 70 ½, you are eligible to give directly from your IRA, tax-free. And if you are subject to an annual Required Minimum Distribution, a charitable gift to Goodwill is a compassionate way to meet your RMD without your withdrawal being taxed as income. Start your IRA gift in minutes with this secure IRA donation tool.

Donate Through Your Will:

Planning a gift in your will is a powerful, lasting way to give generational support to people in Baltimore, without paying anything now. Our partners at FreeWill have a free will-writing service that helps you cross off this important task while starting a community legacy. Create your will and legacy of impact here, at no cost.