Hold a Donation Drive

Goodwill donation drives are excellent community service projects for corporations, schools, community organizations and places of worship. Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake, Inc. can provide temporary donation bins and pick up the donations after the drive is completed. Donation drives are an easy opportunity to give back to the community while clearing out the clutter!

donation-driveThoughts for Organizing Your Donation Drive:

  • Decide on a goal. Are you going to measure pounds donated? Would you like to have a competition for your drive with prizes?
  • Decide where to place the donation bins at your location—the more high traffic of an area the better. Secure locations are best.
  • Make participants aware of acceptable items to donate (generally this is used clothing and household goods, but you can find a full list here).
  • Promote your drive at least two weeks in advance with: posters/fliers, email blasts, social networks, local newspapers, radio and TV stations and word of mouth advertising.
Business Donation Drives Companies may sponsor donation drives targeting employees and the public when applicable. Goodwill will bring donation bins to your business and pick up the donations when it is over.
Organization Donation DrivesWhether you’re representing a school, club or church, your organization can host a Goodwill donation drive. Many organizations decide to have drives to collect one particular item, such as coats or shoes. A Goodwill employee will work with you to help organize your event and arrange to pick up the donations.
University DrivesGoodwill works with local colleges and universities to hold donation drives. These drives are normally held at the end of the semester or school year when the students are preparing to move out. Students can donate clothing, shoes, accessories and furniture items. Also, campus organizations such as sororities, fraternities or the student government association can sponsor a Goodwill donation drive.

Hold a Donation Drive

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